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USB Modem

USB Modem

A USB Modem / Dongle is all you need if you already have a laptop and want to get online.

Get online by simply plugging it straight into one of the free USB ports.

Ideal choice if you're going to be the only user and on the move.

Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi modem is a portable device made for sharing the Internet connection.

Simply switch the Mobile WiFi On to get high-speed internet wirelessly.

Connects up to five Wi-Fi devices to the Internet at once.


3G SIM Card

Already have a USB Modem, iPad, Tablet or Mobile WiFi device? Simply get a data SIM.

Just slide the SIM card into your unlocked 3G device, and you're ready to go.

Perfect addition to your existing mobile broadband device.



The new iPad or iPad 2, make the most of it wherever you go by staying connected.

Simply insert the micro-SIM into your iPad and enjoy internet full speed ahead.

Compare all iPad plans and choose the one that suits you.



The Tablet revolution is here. Stay connected whether you are at home or out.

Connect your tablet to the Internet using Mobile WiFi or using a SIM card.

Choose a plan with the tablet included or simply the SIM card.

Best Value / Cheapest 3G Data Plans - USB Dongle, Mobile WiFi, 3G SIM, iPad, Tablet

Discover what all you can do everyday on a 3G data plan and find the best value for money 3G plan for USB Modem, Mobile WiFi, 3G SIM, iPad and Tablet.

A Quick Guide to Mobile Broadband in India

What is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile broadband is wireless high-speed Internet access on your iPad, mobile phone, laptop, desktop or a tablet via portable devices.

It is fast, portable and convenient.

You can get connected using either a small portable USB Modem (often called as a USB dongle, USB data card or a USB broadband stick), Mobile WiFi Modem or directly via inserting a SIM card in your iPad or any other tablet/mobile device.

2G vs 3G vs 4G

2G, 3G and 4G are mobile network technologies that deliver mobile broadband.

2G (second Generation) was designed primarily for voice and text, although capable of transferring data but only very slowly and unreliably.

3G (third Generation) is successor to 2G and is primarily designed for data transfer. It can transfer data up to 21 Mbps, with typical speeds of 2 - 3 Mbps.

4G (fourth Generation) is the latest mobile broadband technology offering (only available in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune and Chandigarh) data transfer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, but typical speeds will be in the range of 12 - 15 Mbps.

How to find the best 3G data plan?

Choosing a data plan that is just right for you can be confusing, but we can help. Simply follow these steps before you sign-up and you will save on huge data usage bills:

  1. Coverage

    First, find out the list of carriers/service providers who provide 3G network coverage in your city.

  2. Data

    Second, estimate how much data you think you'll use. The magic cut-off for most people is 2 GB per month. Try out our data calculator to calculate your data usage.

  3. Speed

    Third, decide on the data connection speed you would like when you connect to the internet. Data speed of 3.6 Mbps is a good start.

  4. Price

    Finally, and most importantly is the price. Fix your monthly spend/budget to determine the price for your 3G mobile broadband usage.

Once you have identified the 3G services providers, estimated out how much data you need, decided on the speed you want to connect and your monthly budget, then simply compare all the 3G data plans based on these criterias using our comparison tool and get the plan that is just right for you.

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Mobile Broadband Tips

  1. Try before you buy

    The worst decision you can make is to rush out and buy a 3G data plan without really knowing whether the service in your area is any good.

    Most 3G providers will give you a demo to test coverage and speed in your area. So make sure you Try before you Buy.

  2. Estimate your data usage

    Your data usage will drive the price you pay for your 3G data plan.

    Estimate your data usage using a data calculator to get a rough idea about how much data you will need every month.

  3. Monitor your data usage

    It is very important that you monitor your data usage once every few days, so that you don't cross your 3G plan's data allowance.

    Crossing your data allowance will lead to a huge data bill if you don't have a capped or a reduced speed plan.

  4. Buy Unlocked device

    Buying a 3G USB Modem / Dongle / Data Card or Mobile WiFi device packaged with a data offer from a service provider is tempting but it will come locked to it's own network restricting you from switching in case you are not happy.

    Most service providers will allow you to bring your own unlocked mobile broadband device when you buy a 3G SIM Only data plan.

  5. Read the Fine Print

    You should always read the fine print before you sign-up for a 3G data plan.

    Check for things like data allowance, plan validity, speed, capped amount/speed, data charges when you exceed the limit, roaming charges and any other restriction that comes with the plan.

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