FAQ - Mobile Broadband

  1. What is mobile broadband?
  2. Which are the devices that support mobile broadband?
  3. How do I choose a mobile broadband device?
  4. What is a 3G data plan?
  5. What is a FUP (Fair Usage Policy)?

What is mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband technology provides wireless high-speed Internet access on your iPad, mobile phone, laptop, desktop or a tablet through portable devices. You can get connected using either a small portable USB Modem (often called as a USB dongle, USB datacard or a USB broadband stick), Mobile WiFi Modem or directly via inserting a SIM card in your iPad or any other tablet/mobile device.

It is convenient, portable and fast; allowing you to connect wirelessly to the internet wherever you go.

Which are the devices that support mobile broadband?

Mobile Broadband comes in a variety of choices to suit individual needs.

  • USB Modem - A tiny mobile broadband device that plugs into any laptop with a USB port. An ideal choice if you already have a laptop and want to go online. Also know as USB Dongle, USB Stick, USB Data Card or a USB broadband stick.
  • Mobile WiFi - A pocket size portable device made for sharing the Internet connection. It can connect up to five Wi-Fi devices to the Internet at once be it your smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or gaming console.
  • iPad - iPad is a tablet computer designed and developed by Apple. Go online on your new iPad(Cellular), iPad 2(3G) or the iPad mini(Cellular) by simply inserting the micro-SIM/nano-SIM and enjoy full speed ahead.
  • Tablets - A portable touch-screen computer that can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data networks. Just like the iPad there are other popular tablets like the Samsung Tab 2 or the Google Nexus 7 and many more that make an excellent choice.

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How do I choose a mobile broadband device?

SIM card is all you need, if you already have a 3G enabled mobile broadband device (USB Modem, Mobile WiFi, iPad or a Tablet). Simply get a 3G SIM data plan for your unlocked 3G mobile broadband device and you are all set to go online.

USB Modem (3G) is the way to go, if you want something portable, you are the only user and want to get high speed internet on your laptop while you are on the go. USB modems are available from service providers bundled with a data plan and also sold seperately. A USB modem bought from a service provider is normally locked to their own network, which means you will not be allowed to switch to a different network in the future. Unlocked USB modems are readily available in the market and also from various online stores, just make sure the device is compatible on the network you plan to use. Check out USB Modem/Data Card data plans.

Mobile WiFi modem is perfect for sharing. You can securely connect upto 5 devices like your smartphone, laptop, iPad, tablet or gaming console to the internet all at once. Mobile WiFi device is more expensive than the USB modem and also requires charging. Very few service providers offer Mobile WiFi devices and the device will most likey be locked to their own network but an unlocked device can be bought from the open market or an online store. You can choose from a wide variety of Mobile WiFi data plans.

What is a 3G data plan?

A 3G data plan allows you to connect to a 3G network. 3G data plans are available from a number of service providers. Some service providers offer monthly, weekly, or daily billing for 3G network access; others offer plans that bill you based on the amount of data you use.

What is a FUP (Fair Usage Policy)?

FUP (Fair Usage Policy) in simple words means that the service provider limits the amount of data you download at higher speeds. Once you exceed the limit (cap/usage) you can keep using the internet at no extra cost, but your internet speed will be reduced for maintaining the overall quality of the service for all subscribers.

Most mobile broadband service providers in India have a FUP, except MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.). So make sure you read through the Fair Usage Policy before you subscrible to the plan/tariff.